Classes and Workshops

I offer classes and workshops lasting from 30 minutes to several days, covering a variety of subjects related to dance. I specialize in historic and folk dance from many different periods and cultures. Contact me to discuss how I can help you meet your goals!

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Wedding Dance Preparation

Couple waltzingImagine creating beautiful memories on the dance floor with your beloved. I can teach the two of you to dance with each other and with your parents with confidence. Make your wedding day delightful and learn dance techniques you can use throughout your lives together. I offer waltz, polka, swing, hambo and historic dance lessons. Interested in something else? Just ask!

I also facilitate dancing at wedding receptions for all of your family members and friends. Intergenerational and contra dances involving group dance instruction are fun for everyone. See details on my Weddings & Events page.

If you would like to get a head start on dancing at your wedding reception, I can meet with you, your family and the bridal party in advance, teaching you the basics. In this way, you can feel relaxed and self-assured on your wedding day. 

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Private Dance Lessons 

Do you wish you could waltz gracefully across the floor, enjoying the spins and flourishes you see others performing? You can! In private lessons you, or you and a partner, can learn the finer points of dancing the waltz, polka, swing, hambo, contra dance, English country dance, or Irish set dance. Whatever your experience level, if you can walk, you can dance! To schedule your first lesson contact me.

Family Dance / Intergenerational Dance

Intergenerational danceIn the old days, families and grandparents all danced together at community gatherings. Smiling faces and shared experiences taught more than dance moves; they taught respect of others, shared responsibility, and healthy ways of interacting. Today, circle dances, square dances, and dances in long lines bring together a varied group for easy, fun fellowship. Allow me to create that environment through my dance instruction and calling at your party, camp, library, youth group, or scout event. I work with scouts who want to earn patches or badges. I also make modifications to fit the needs of senior citizens and special populations, enabling each individual to feel successful and maximize dance fun. To schedule contact me.

Irish Set Dance

Think of a square dance without the special clothing, danced to fast jigs and reels. This is not the high kicking, on their toes, Irish step dance of Riverdance. This is social dancing, traditional to many parlors and pubs in communities throughout Ireland. I’ve been fortunate to learn these dances in Ireland and now head the Louisville Irish Set Dancers. Liven up your event with some Irish-flavored fun! See more details on my Dance Calling page.

Play-Party Games

Picture a group singing a familiar song and dancing simple steps to their own singing. This was a popular pastime before the days of radio. Dubbed ‘games’ because of moral concerns about dancing, youth were often permitted to participate in play-parties. At the gatherings where they were played, young people courted, while adults visited and kept a watchful eye over the proceedings. Regional variations of the ‘games’ developed. I learned about many play-party games when I researched them during my time as an Appalachian Music Fellow. This workshop is especially appropriate for youth and those interested in American history. Allow me to lead your group in these games from the past. See more details on my Special Projects page.

Team-Building Through Dance

Dancing in groups is a community-building experience. Groups who take the risk of learning a new dance together can discover the benefits of improved trust, closer social bonding and shared commitment. Permit me to facilitate your committee, department or organization in building improved communication and problem solving through dance. Learn more on my Special Projects page.

Spiritual Retreats Using Dance

Dance can be a form of spiritual awakening and a way to deeper self-awareness through moving meditation. Dancing can teach many of the important lessons of life. Using dance as a medium combined with reflection, nature experiences, journaling and discussion, your spiritual community can strengthen its focus in my able but gentle hands. For details, please see my Special Projects page.

More Workshops are listed under Dance In Schools

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