Dance In Schools

“For the past several years we have enjoyed Ms. Denenfeld coming to our school to provide our students with a hands-on experience in dance; a major part of the Arts and Humanities curriculum.  She has great rapport with all students while maintaining a positive learning environment. Our students learn about history, different cultures, movement, rhythm, and cooperation among themselves without even realizing it! Thank you Ms. Denenfeld for all that you do!”

Ceremonial DanceImagine... Igniting a passion for learning through experiencing dances from various cultures and time periods! I bring the world to your classroom, where the dancing is so much fun that learning core curriculum becomes effortless.

Dance with connections to:

     ~   History   ~   Social Studies   ~   Music   ~   Mathematics   ~   Language Arts   ~   Foreign Languages   ~   Humanities   ~   Drama   ~

  • Have served for more than 20 years as a Teaching Artist on the Kentucky Arts Council’s Arts Education Roster, teaching in a number of different states
  • Now also on the VSA-KY artist roster
  • Conduct workshops and residencies for Pre-K thru 12 and for homeschool groups
  • Provide professional development for teachers
  • Provide special needs student accommodations
  • Develop after school and homeschool programming
  • More than 16,000 students & teachers have discovered their own inner joy through dance with me!

We learn through doing. Let’s learn through dancing!


How Residencies, Workshops and PDs Work

I come to your school for a few days, a week, two weeks, or more, meeting with 4 to 5 classes per day. Read moreBack to Back

Large Group Presentations

Give your students one hour of key dance concepts in a theatre or auditorium setting. Read more

Workshop Themes

Workshops are custom designed for your needs - just ask! Sample subjects include: Colonial American Dance, West African Dance, Appalachian Dance, Multi-Cultural Dance, Elements of Dance, Dances of the 1960s and 1970s, Early American Dance Through the Civil War, Medieval Dance, Waltz and Polka. Read more

Some of My Fans Can Be Found At...Colonial elbow turn

Marie Roberts-Caney Elementary School, Morningside Elementary School, Graves County Middle School, Nelson County High School, Kentucky Arts Council Professional Development. Read more


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