Spiritual Retreats and Team Building

Have you ever considered how dance can be a tool for spiritual growth? Have you noticed the sense of community that builds within a group who dances together? How vulnerability leads to mutual respect and connection? How lessons that come with learning a dance can be applied to life lessons? Allow me to lead your group in discovering new connections and personal insights through dance, introspection, nature, journaling and sharing.

So much of being able to function successfully in any group setting depends on how one feels about themselves and how they treat others. Awareness, consciousness, open-heartedness and building inner peace so outward work can continue. Explore these concepts in the context of learning new dances.

Designed with your input and needs in mind, let me lead your group to new levels of respect, cooperation and functionality to achieve your long-range goals. Experience all this in a safe, fun environment.

Here are some comments from participants of a six-hour retreat I led called “English Country Dance As A Means to Peace and Justice.” The retreat was held for the Peace and Justice Committee of a church at the beginning of their year of service together.

“Our experience at the direction of such a wonderfully gifted Caller helped me to appreciate how groups can work - trusting the process, valuing others, risking our own vulnerability - to effect a positive outcome. Thank you, Deborah, for a day well spent.”

“I never saw dance as a metaphor for life in quite the way I do now. I am connected to these people in a meaningful way, and it wasn’t painful - it was fun. Thank you for being willing to share your own spirituality with us.”

“What a way to get to know folks in such a short time. We could not do committees for a year and be so acquainted with those on the committee. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“The day and interaction with each other while dancing has got me really excited about working together as a group to tackle small and large issues. Today helped me realize I made the right decision to join this committee.”

“Group dance is such a perfect analogy for life. This experience left me with a lot to think about. I feel it will help me as co-leader of environmental concerns. The day was great.”

“A great experience of growth, group dynamics and development!”

“This day, this retreat was amazing. Nothing I expected but everything I needed. Wonderful metaphor / analogy for our group dynamic and for life itself. Deborah’s patience with the group was amazing and it was wonderful to watch the dance unfold. It was important for me to hear that people learn through their own experience. Sometimes a nudge, nod, firm grasp will assist someone better than me saying anything at all.”

“I was not looking forward to spending a full day on a retreat, but I had such a wonderful experience; it was over before I was ready to stop dancing.”

“I truly believe the lessons I learned today through dance will help me better myself in my own personal life. I learned very valuable lessons today that I am excited to put into action with all different types of relationships in my life. Thank you for an amazing day!”

“Dance and the image of community - creating something beautiful together - had never been in my mind together. What did we create together today? Hopefully, we learned to work (dance) together, and maybe we can dance together all year. I know it made me learn to dance with a couple of folks I would not usually have danced (worked) with. Hopefully, my mind and heart will be open enough all year to work (dance) with them.”

“I learned the importance of listening - to the instructions and to the music. It’s important for me to remember that it’s not all up to me. The example of others will help the whole “dance” turn out beautifully, even if we have missteps at times.”

“It’s easier to disagree with someone later, after we’ve had this learning experience. Now I know you better and we can laugh about it.”

“Deborah is a patient, compassionate person who made learning so much fun!”


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